Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tiny Dancer

When I was younger, I always thought I would be on Broadway but as the years went on I realized I didn't have what it takes. My parents spent countless paychecks on dancing lessons, gas driving me to and from lessons, hours of their time at rehearsals but I was never to be a Broadway dancer. However, ask my parents if they would do it all over again and they would say yes. They loved the thrill of it all as much as I did - really they did. Never once have my parents regretted sending me to dancing school - nor have I. While I may not be a star, it taught me how to feel confident in myself and my abilities; not to be afraid to voice my opinion; and how to avoid "stage fright" - invaluable lessons I keep with my always.

Each year for the past two years, I have been able to relive my dancing fantasy by attending the recital of my good friend's daughter. I sit there in the audience and get a tear in my eye every time I see her performing and think of all those wonderful years of my life. I also think at that time that I would love to have a daughter (not in place of Benjamin because he is irreplaceable). If I had my own daughter up on the stage performing going to my old dancing school, I would most certainly need a valium before the performance because I wouldn't be able to control my emotions. Talk about tears. It would be worse than when I went to go see Stuart Little and I had to hide the fact that I was crying to Wally and his 10 year old (at the time) cousin. I would be crying from start to finish and bursting with pride.

Well, my fantasy of being a dancer and having a daughter will most likely never happen but I do have Julianna to live my dream (for now). Knock em' Dead Julianna!

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Fran said...

aahh - thank you so much for blogging about Julianna - that was so sweet - and she thought it was so cool. You have no idea how much i appreciate you and your parents coming to her recital (for the 2nd yr in a row) under no obligations. It means so much to me and makes Julianna feel so special that you want to come see her. During the recital I glance over at you and can tell that being at it really takes you back to your days as a dancer. Thank you for sharing it with me and my daughter - You know we will be at Benjamin's 1st game! mr & mrs Baker - if you are reading this - thank you - you are the best - Love you all !