Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bon Voyage

In life, you should consider yourself lucky if you have one good friend. In my life, I have been blessed with a handful of very good friends and one of them is leaving for London today. Jennifer, the one in the blue, is the first friend I made at college. While she thought I was a bit too wild for her liking, I eventually won her over by refraining from talking too much about beer chugging (yes this Mom can chug a beer). What we found was a friendship that doesn't come along very often. She is fiercely protective friend like the mother hen of the group. I recall once, in fact, I was just telling this story to someone who attends our Alma Mater, Jennifer getting in the face of a girl who was harassing me (she kind of had every right to because her boyfriend was cheating on her with me but that is another story) at our favorite bar. She told her in no uncertain terms that this was our bar and she suggests she leaves or she was going to be asked out by several of our friends who worked there. I also remember her getting into actual blows with another sorority sister over our friend Fran (believe it or not the demure ladies pictured above can fight). Yes, loyal she is and always will be.

Jennifer and I spent many a night in college and after college just talking about anything and everything. She is the person I can pour my soul out to - turn myself inside out and say this is me for all the good and the bad accept me for who I am. And what I like about Jennifer is she will always give it to you straight, there are no mincing words with this woman. If she something that you aren't being honest about or you are just plain screwing up your life, she will tell you and you are better for it.

As for what I love about Jennifer, she makes me laugh. I love her tirades. I love her GIANT heart. I love that she has chosen for me to be her friend. Jennifer, life will not be same for the next few months without you in the States and for this I have a heavy heart today. However, my heart soars for you and all the POSSIBILITIES that wait for you in London. Enjoy life and don't look back, look forward - always look forward. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity - take it for all its worth. And when you come back, the next exciting chapter begins but don't forgot to live this upcoming chapter to the fullest. I love you and will miss you but this is what life is about - adventure!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ben Says The Darnedest Things

Here are a few amusing things (at least to his parents and grandparents) that Benjamin has said recently:

*Benjamin woke up the other day and yelled downstairs to his father, "Daddy! Are you making breakfast?" Good question Ben.

*In the children's classic Goodnight Moon, there is an old lady in the chair whispering "hush." Since Benjamin has been able to talk, he likes to say the "hush" part. The other night the old lady didn't whisper "hush" but instead according to Ben she now says "SHUSH!"

*I might have told this story already but I looked back in my posts and didn't see it -- if I have go to the next bullet. Benjamin and I say our prayers each night. Each night we pray for people and things we are thankful for the most. The other night as we were going through our list of family and friends the third thing he said was "girls." I asked him to repeat it and he did, then I repeated it in a questioning way and he said, "yes Baba girls!" Now I ask that you pray for me.

*The other night I decided to hop in the tub clothes and all with Benjamin. As I sat in the tub, he turned around and said, "Mommy's too big." Even after the tub Ben told his Daddy, "Mommy's too big." I think I will stop eating now.

NJ Moms Blog: Church and Reality

I've forgot to mention I have two new posts on NJ Moms Blog. The first is about the ups and downs of taking a child to church and the second being about the newest Real Housewives series -- The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

Happy Easter Benny!

Apparently, the Easter Bunny REALLY likes Benjamin Bunny. Not only did the Easter Bunny stop by his house but he also stopped by his Nannie and Popman's house, and the Easter Bunny's sidekick the Easter Beagle made a special visit to Grandma and Poppa's house. From an art easel to dollars, both gold and paper, Benjamin was thinking it was Christmas all over again and his parents were left to wonder where we would put all this new stuff...

To Dye For

For the past two years, Benjamin has been an inactive participant in the Easter egg dyeing process. However on his third Easter in this world, he become a willing and eager member of the Easter Egg Dyeing Society. While I questioned his technique -- Drop and Plop (I am assuming it is very similar for most 2 year old), the eggs came out magnificent - egg-cellent in fact! Once the eggs dried, Ben and Wally got a little crazy with the stickers. Benjamin didn't like to share the stickers with the other eggs only one special egg got most of the stickers, and Wally just liked to put the stickers on everyone.
Aren't they egg-cellent?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not The Day We Expected But Better...

It was the perfect day to play golf. It was the perfect day to meet friends out for a leisurely brunch but neither happened that day. Instead, what did happen was a perfect day. While Wally and I both thought the day would be different and spent apart, we ended up ignoring our anger and having a day that I won't soon forget.

Spring had finally sprung -- temperatures had warmed with the sun shinning bright. What to do? Wally and I still feeling the sting from a fight the previous day were both in the "I don't know mode." I think we both realized at the same time that spring days like this don't come by very often in April that we needed to forget about what could have been and focus on the day.

We decided to head down the shore to Point Pleasant, along with about everyone else in the state that had the same bright idea. While there were plenty of cars on the road, we kept a steady pace and got to our destination in little over an hour. When we pulled into town, we knew that we would never find parking but with a little searching and willingness to walk we found FREE parking (a rare feat on the Jersey Shore). The day couldn't get any better, right? Wrong! In fact, it just got better and better.

Heading straight to the boardwalk, Wally and I both decided it was time to allow Ben to enjoy his first amusement ride alone. Up until this point, it was Ben and/or Mom/Dad riding shotgun with Ben in pink elephants and convoy trucks. This time Ben would ride alone. His first ride? Why friendly little Nemo -- who doesn't look so friendly when it is your only child's first "alone" ride. But Ben was cool, much cooler than his Mom and Dad.

Ben enjoyed more rides alone but did ride the pink elephants with Mom -- it was too high for a two year old by himself (at least by these parent's standards). Not only did we eat some fattening boardwalk food (pizza and fries) but we also only ate for $7 -- yes, a slight miscalculation may have been made on the counter girls part but who was Wally to correct her math. After a delicious and cheap lunch, we headed to the beach where Ben threw shells in the ocean and dodged oncoming waves that were reaching the shore.

Finally, it was time to head home but not without winning a prize. We tried our luck at ring toss where a guy was walking away with an electric guitar -- we walked away with an empty bucket. Next, I decided to try and beat a few water gun balloon racers. And beat them I did! Broken wrist and all. While they were only five and four, I still won and Ben left with a miniature doberman pincher. During the ride home, Ben, Wally and I tried out a few names on the new dog. Lots were rejected and we ended up with doggie. However, what we really ended up with, as I looked at the back at my sleeping son and happy husband, was a not the day we expected but better.

What Are Those?

The other day Wally and I were getting dressed, Ben walked in and Wally had his shirt off. He asked, "Daddy what is that," pointing to his chest. I started to laugh and Wally said, "nipples." Ben repeated but in a questioning tone, "nipples?" Wally assured him that in fact yes they are nipples. For about five more minutes, laughing the whole time, Ben poked his father's nipples and repeated "nipples" about 20 times. Wally could hardly get dressed and out the door (and I think had some soar nipples from all the poking). Now Ben likes to show everyone his chest and yell, "NIPPLES!" I'm sure the day he points out a girl's nipples are right around the corner -- looking forward to that day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Is What Sorry Looks Like

About three weeks ago now, Wally (by accident) broke my wrist and gave me a few other injuries. While he apologized, I had not yet received a token of his sentiment. The following weekend of my injury Wally said let's go the mall to get you a little gift. Guess what? Wally came home with a Fedora, pair of sneakers and a pack of socks. Me? A $15 headband (that I was rushed into purchasing because Ben didn't want to be in the store anymore). I guess when he said "little" he meant it. Thanks, I think.

On Monday, when I came back to work, I was surprised by the most amazing bouquet of flowers. From Wally right? No from my client who obviously loves me more than my husband.

As the weeks went on and I still didn't receive a proper "I'm sorry gift," I took matters into my own hands. When we were out at the mall getting some spring/summer clothes for my son, I pulled out my list of small designer wristlets I wanted to purchase. I marched Wally into Gucci and said which do you like better? After the decision was made, I told him to purchase the above item as a "get well" present for me. He did and the gorgeous little wristlet was sent to my office last week.
Moral of the story: If you acknowledge an accident right away with a card or flowers (without being prompted), especially one you caused, it will be cheaper for you in the end.

My Worst Week Ever

Before I posted "This Is What Sorry Looks Like," I wanted to clue everyone in on my WORST WEEK EVER. I wish "best" was in that phrase somewhere but "best" was not to be found that week.

Monday - Flew out to LA not so bad. Couldn't sleep that night.

Tuesday - Sat in a conference room for 6 hours while the sun was shinning and the weather was perfect.

Tuesday Night - Took the redeye home to NJ so I could make a meeting at noon in my office (also to see my precious family sooner).

Wednesday 4:00 am - Woke up from a sleeping pill stupor to find that no we weren't landing just yet that there was an electrical fire on the plane. At that point, we were somewhere 2 hours outside of Newark (maybe near Chicago) and the plan was on fire. The captain told us not to worry he "believed" it was under control and oh yes he mentioned that there were plenty of airports to land in from here to Newark if need be but not to worry. Should I go back to sleep?

Wednesday 6:00 am - Hard landing. Another announcement to say the smoke was back and that we would have an "emergency escort" back to the gate just for precautionary measures. Here comes the ambulance, fire trucks and police cars.

Wednesday 10:20 am - I realize I am alive but I have missed my son's first dentist visit. Time to lie to the dentist.

Wednesday Noon - Now being told that we didn't get a big piece of business I worked my as* off on and that this new plan for another client stinks. Glad I came in.

Thursday through Friday - Much of the same.

Saturday 2:30 pm - Wally breaks my wrist (first broken bone in life) and gives me whiplash and sprained shoulder via an indoor playground bullying incident.

Saturday Midnight - Glad the week is over but won't actually find out about extent of the injuries until my two emergency room visits the following week....the fun continued.

Life is Highway: Ben's Rendition

I mentioned in the post, "Four Ben Stories," that Ben has started to sing the tune from Cars' "Life is a Highway" (which was first recorded when I was in high school and I rocked out to the tune too). Here for your enjoyment is his rendition of the song