Monday, October 20, 2008

A Roll In The Hay (Or Grass)

That got you to read my blog but it is not what you think (shame on your dirty mind). Benjamin has now started to mimic Bruin. Where will it end?!
Bruin has a tendency to roll around in the grass to scratch his back (I think) or just be the dog that he is. Benjamin has closely observed this behavior on too many occasions to count. A few weeks back my Mom and Ben were in the backyard playing and Bruin started rolling around in the grass. Upon seeing this, Benjamin plopped down to the ground and began rolling back and forth in the grass as well. Now, like Bruin, Benjamin can't stop doing this. Wherever Ben sees grass, he stops, drops and rolls. Sometimes he just lays there and looks up at the sky. Most people think it is adorable, I somewhat do but I can't stop thinking, "get up, I don't want to deal with lice."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Photos

This is very rare. A great family photo. Look we are all smiling and happy -- even Benjamin is cooperating. Don't we look like the perfect family? But more often than not, the family picture is usually Benjamin squirming away or Wally or me looking at Ben trying to get him to look at the camera. And because, the average person walking by that we ask to take our picture usually cuts Wally's head off in the photo, we're usually not optimistic when we go to review the image that the perfect family picture is up next.

I guess it is kind of like life there are very little perfect moments but having Benjamin has made me relish in the moments that aren't so perfect. In fact, those moments tend to be more fun. So when I look at a picture where Wally's eyes are closed, I am making a funny face trying to get Benjamin to smile and Ben is throwing his head back yelling at the both of us, I think -- perfect -- this is my family and I love it -- the perfect and the not-so-perfect moments.


I've mentioned that Benjamin has become somewhat of a mimicker. I guess he is at that age. I thank god it is still cute because I am sure with my truck driver mouth (I do really try not to swear in front of him) that he will soon be saying four letter words. I seriously hope not but I am sure it is inevitable. However, now it is so much fun and funny. My new favorite is when he calls for his Dad.
One day, I was looking for Wally and had Benjamin in tow. I couldn't figure out where he was in the house. I called downstairs, "WAL-LY!" I called outside, "WAL-LY!" and then I called upstairs, "WAL-LY!" The next thing I hear is not a response back from Wally but Benjamin at the front landing yelling up the stairs, "WAL-LY! WAL-LY! WAL-LY!" Oh and it hasn't ended there now he just likes to yell out, "WAL-LY!"
Wally doesn't think it is as funny as I do and has tried to have Benjamin call me Jen. But, Ben doesn't find it as fun to yell and hasn't really taken to calling me Jen. However, he can be found yelling "WAL-LY!" around the house quite often and I giggle every time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Official

You can now also find my musings on:
My first entry is about the first (and I hope only) time we have left Benjamin with complete strangers (i.e. babysitters). And Dr. R, yes there are some grammatical errors but please forgive me.
Oh yes, dear friends and family make sure you post some comments so it looks like I'm popular and not a blogger who's friends and family only read her blog (while true not...everyone has to believe it).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Violence Is Never The Answer

Is that the face of a child that would beat up his mother? No. Never. Well, it is. On Tuesday, I came into work with a swollen left eye because my son thought violence was the answer. While he has kicked me in the in the face in the middle of the night while crashed out on my bed, he has never intentionally tried to hurt his mother until this time.
It happened Monday night while trying to get him to go to sleep at quarter to ten. I didn't think I was being unreasonable the kid is 19 months and I can barely stay up past ten but he did not agree with my assessment. He wanted to play. I told him no, then Daddy told him no and then he cried - big tears. Wally caved and told him it was okay, but Ben knew I was unhappy with his display. Ben knew that he wasn't going to get one over on the ba-ba or so I thought...
He calmed down a bit and laid down by me on the couch (and for the record I don't have one of those kids that can just be put down in their crib - tried it and if you want to try again be my guest). He still was pretty angry. He started throwing his head back and I said, "Benjamin please stop that you are going to hurt Mommy." His response was to head butt me as hard as he could like some Ultimate Fighting Champion to shut me up. I immediately began to cry. Wally had to reprimand Ben and tell him that was not nice that he really hurt Mommy. Then Benjamin started to cry because he was scared or he knew by crying we would feel bad for him (I believe it was the latter). When he started to cry, I thought "hey, kid this is about me not you". But when he reached up and began to stroke me like he does to Bruin when I say "be nice to Bru", I knew I had to forgive him.
As I sit here still with a swollen eyelid and Benjamin continues to grow as a person, I will continue to remind him that violence is never the answer - unless someone is really asking for it then maybe it is ok. And maybe in his mind that night I was asking for it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Changing The World One Diaper At A Time

Before I had Benjamin, I will admit right here and now. I NEVER changed a diaper. Not one. I also didn't change Ben's diaper until he was about 2-3 weeks old (I had a c-section - doctor's orders). When friends and relatives asked me if they could change Ben's diaper, I said yes with great enthusiasm. Me I don't get the appeal of changing diapers. In fact, I can't wait until we are done with diapers in general. I am an old pro at it now. I can pretty much change Benjamin anywhere and under any circumstances. Call it my new found skill. However, there are people in my family who still have not experienced changing a diaper. Do I fault them? No. Who am I to say anything? If I could have gotten through life without doing it, I would wear it as badge of honor. Last week, it was my brother's turn to take the plunge.

I had a doctor's appointment on my day off. Now usually, I would get my Mom to help out but she was at the dentist. I called up J.B. and asked if he would be willing to help me out for a few hours well I went for a check up. He agreed because any extra time spent with Benjamin is a bonus for him. He arrived on schedule as promised (give or take a few minutes) and Benjamin forgot about Mommy as soon as Uncle was spotted. I gave Benjamin a kiss and few instructions to J.B. and off I went.

While checking out of the doctor's office and getting some instructions, I heard my phone ringing. It was call from my brother's cell probably wondering where I was. Here is how the call went down:

"Jenn where are you?"

"At the doctor's just leaving"

"How far is the doctor's office away"

"About 20 minutes, why is something wrong"

"I think Ben pooped...."

"Do you know where the diapers are?"


I then go into an explanation of where the diapers are and now the receptionist is curious as to who I am talking to. When I get off the phone, I explain to her that my brother is watching my son and he thinks he pooped. She asks if he is a bachelor and I tell her yes. She now thinks that this is the sweetest thing she is ever heard but I am thinking will he attempt this and if he does will there be poop on my rugs. I call him when I get into the parking lot to tell him to wait but he says he is going to do it. I call my mom to tell her the news -- we both pray Ben is agreeable. Just as I am about to tell my mom about the doctor visit, I get a call from my brother's cell phone. I think this might not be good. I hang up on my mom and get the call from J.B. He tells me everything is good but boy did it smell. I say welcome to the club. I promise myself not to check if the diaper is on correctly until after he leaves.

When I get home, Benjamin and his Uncle are playing with some cars and his clothes seem to be on okay. I also glance at the rug and notice no poop like I feared. When I later check his diaper, I notice that he even put the thing on right. In this Mom's and sister's eyes, this brother of mine is way ahead of the curve. So if there is a diaper changing medal out there I want to give it to my brother not just for his changing skills but for going above and beyond when it comes to his nephew. Congratulations!