Monday, October 20, 2008

A Roll In The Hay (Or Grass)

That got you to read my blog but it is not what you think (shame on your dirty mind). Benjamin has now started to mimic Bruin. Where will it end?!
Bruin has a tendency to roll around in the grass to scratch his back (I think) or just be the dog that he is. Benjamin has closely observed this behavior on too many occasions to count. A few weeks back my Mom and Ben were in the backyard playing and Bruin started rolling around in the grass. Upon seeing this, Benjamin plopped down to the ground and began rolling back and forth in the grass as well. Now, like Bruin, Benjamin can't stop doing this. Wherever Ben sees grass, he stops, drops and rolls. Sometimes he just lays there and looks up at the sky. Most people think it is adorable, I somewhat do but I can't stop thinking, "get up, I don't want to deal with lice."

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