Saturday, February 28, 2009

He Started It

A cupcake fight broke out on Benjamin's birthday with Benjamin leading the way...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Growing up Birthdays were always a big deal in my house. From decorations to presents to family and friends gathered, it was always a day to celebrate you. When I had my son, I knew I wanted to keep the traditions from my childhood alive. And I am proud to report - mission accomplished for year 2!

Both Wally and I took the day off and while Benjamin was still sleeping, we snuck downstairs to decorate the dinning room. While it wasn't anything fancy, the twisted crepe paper hearkened my back to my girlhood birthday celebrations. When Ben finally woke up and Wally brought him downstairs, it he was in awe of his decorated dinning room - the balloons were his favorite.

The morning was spent getting some pancakes at IHOP. Though Ben, in true terrible two fashion, was not very pleased with the service and thought his pancakes needed to be there a little quicker than they were -- so what did he do? He screamed on top of his lungs. But it is his birthday and he scream if he wants to. However, tomorrow is a different story.

When then found a cool, retro toy store in Montclair called Just Kidding Around. We spent about an hour in there with Ben able to pick and choose whatever toys he wanted. We ended up leaving the store with a shirt, backpack, swimming monkey, wind-up lady bug and I think a few other things. What he really wanted was a tow truck (no tow trucks - even after the owners visit to the basement) and hasn't stopped mentioning it. I promised him as I was changing him last night and he asked me where it was yet again that I would get him a toy truck.

As the weather turned, we headed back home and had some lunch. We also played some more outside and in the basement. He then opened up a few presents from Mom and Dad. When he opened up his Max & Ruby DVD, Ben immediately wanted to view his two fav bunnies which was good because I had to shower.

Later that evening, family arrived and we wished Benjamin a very happy birthday complete with pizza (his favorite) and cupcakes (also his favorite). He also chowed down on hummus his favorite dip. Everyone had a blast but most especially Ben. As I looked around the room and saw all the smiling faces and then turned to see my son, I had to hold back my tears because as Ben blew out the candles (with the help of Mom and Dad) I knew all my wishes had come true.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It Happend To Me: Lastest Post On NJ Moms Blog

Time for me to eat a little humble pie....
Have you ever thought you almost seriously injured your child (by accident of course)? Tell me about it to make me feel better. Please. Feeling a little shy...I'll start it off for you by using my Mom (the world's greatest mother) as an example. My Mom almost blinded me in one eye when she put ear drops in my eye. She has never been able to forget it.

What Do You Get An Eighty-One Year Old Woman?

Last week, when we called my Granny to wish her a "Happy Birthday", Wally asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She told Wally that she wanted a man that stands upright and knows how to keep his mouth shut. I say to that Grandma - who doesn't? Wally said in reply that he thinks he might be able to arrange something for her. Wally, in true Wally fashion, wants to make every one's birthday wish come true including Grandma's rather straightforward (somewhat impossible) request.

With plans to see her a week from her birthday, Wally set out on Saturday to find Granny the "perfect man." The search involved heading up Route 23 to somewhere in Sussex County. Who knew all the upright, quiet men lived in Sussex County? Apparently, they also live in a porn shop as well. Six foot five, all man, Wally came out of Sussex County's finest porn shop with "Steve" the construction worker.

Steve and the Kamienski family made their way down to EP with Steve riding in the trunk. We left him in the car until the right moment. After dinner when Grandma was receiving tame gifts like puzzles, books and flowers Wally made his way downstairs to get Steve and make the introductions. As my Aunts, Cousins, Mom and Dad sat around Grandma, we presented her with a card that said we were about to make her birthday wishes come true that is when Wally entered with Steve. My family was somewhat horrified but my Granny laughed her ass off and gave Steve a pet name half-and-half due to the fact that he had a black face and white body (go figure). Grandma left the party later that night arm and arm with Steve, the man that stands upright and keeps his mouth shut. Nothing like making your 81 year old Grandmother's birthday wish come true.

More Whys

On Friday night, I was giving Benjamin a bath. As all little boys do (and big boys too), he began touching his penis. Yes, a very natural thing but often embarrassing for a Mom. Here is how our conversation went:
Me: Benjamin please stop touching your penis
Benjamin: Why?
Me: Because your penis isn't a bath toy
Benjamin: Why?
Me: Go ask your father
Benjamin: Okay

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The whys have started. The other night at dinner. Wally told Benjamin his new cup was not a toy. Ben asked, "why?" Wally began to explain to him the difference between a cup and toy. But that wasn't good enough. The question was therefore repeated, "why?" After several rounds of this, Wally grew tired and said, "because Mommy said so." I then looked at Wally but with a different tone to my voice and asked, "why?"

The Series of Four Continues...

Ben seriously cracks me up lately. Here are four more Ben stories for your enjoyment:
1. I came home after work one day and I wouldn't (I mean couldn't) stop kissing his precious little face. He looked at me and said, "no more kisses Mommy!"
2. The Kamienski Family celebrated Valentine's Day at the Central Park Zoo. Since Wally's favorite bird is the puffin, the penguin/puffin exhibit was first on our list. In the puffin exhibit there were about a dozen or more puffins but one lone duck. A six year old came up to the exhibit and pointed at the duck and said, "a puffin Mommy!" Ben looked at him and said, "no duck." Don't mess with the world's youngest zoologist.
3. Ben ran his Dad's landscaping light over with his Fisher Price Power Wheels Lightening McQueen Car. Wally described it as a "real car accident" - you know the kind you see when the car's wheels are still spinning. Wally went up to investigate the scene. Ben said, "sorry Daddy." Wally told him to try steering next time and issued him a warning.
4. Benjamin pooped on the floor. Do I have to say anything else.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know that Murphy's Oil isn't particularly harmful if ingested? Well, I didn't know that either until about a week ago when a poison control operator, nurse, medic, gyno and police officer all told me that it wasn't. Why did a poison control operator, nurse, medic, gyno and police officer offer me up this information? That my friends and family is an interesting story...
I was preparing to clean my hardwood floors so I took out the Murphy's Oil and left it on the dinning room table while I picked up the mop. At the time, Benjamin was playing in the living room (the room right next to the dinning room) with his Diego Rescue Station. When I turned around to pick up the Murphy's Oil Squirt and Mop, I was stunned into silence. My legs went numb and I was paralyzed for a brief moment as I saw my son squirting some Murphy's Oil in his mouth like a marathon racer. As I ran over to stop the scene, he made a wretched face and said, "bletch!" I knew I couldn't panic but I didn't know what to expect. Would Benjamin pass out? Would he begin vomiting uncontrollable? What would happen?
I thought I should call Poison Control first but I had removed everything off my refrigerator, including the Poison Control number, when we were trying to sell the house and all the fridge stuff never made its way back. As the seconds ticked by, I thought I needed to do SOMETHING. So I did what I thought was best and I called 911. I explained the situation and was told a police officer would be arriving shortly (I wish I had a tape of that call and wonder if I was as calm as Sully - NOT).
While I waited for a police officer and medic to arrive, I held Benjamin tight who just wanted to run around and play. The "not knowing" was killing me - I then took the number off the back of the Murphy's Oil and called their customer service line. I was transferred to the Poison Control Center in Pittsburgh. I explained to the woman what had happened and she said, "oh, don't worry it is just soap." My reply, "are you sure it is Murphy's Squirt and Mop?" PC woman, "yes, I am sure -- the worst that will happen is he might throw up." I was relieved but still a bit unsure. Just then the cop arrived.
The cop asked me a few questions and played with Benjamin and petted Bruin. He also reassured me that he was going to be okay. He then proceeded to tell me that a woman drank a whole bottle of Windex in an attempt to kill herself and believe it or not she was fine - unstable but fine. Alright, so maybe it was going to be okay. Benjamin announced the arrival of the ambulance.
The medics came in the house and asked a few questions as well. The medic told me that most of the time they just spit it out because they don't like the taste and if there was a larger amount ingested he might vomit.
In addition to the reassurance, I needed to sign-off on a form that says I refused medical treatment for Benjamin. I then asked, "in your professional opinion should I take my son to the hospital." She looked at me then looked at Ben who was running around in a circle laughing -- she said, "that kid? I don't think so." With that, I signed the paper and they left. I then received a call from a nurse at Colgate-Palmolive asking me if everything was okay. She also told me that the worst would be puke. If I hadn't asked enough people -- later that day, at a doctor's appointment, I asked my OB/GYN if I should be concerned and she told me the worst that could happen is some diarrhea or puke.
I learned a few lessons that day and here they are:
  1. Murphy's Oil is just soap
  2. Murphy's Oil if ingested will only cause vomiting or diarrhea
  3. Keep anything and everything out of reach of Benjamin in order that he doesn't hurt himself or I don't have a heart attack
  4. I should have a maid so I don't have to clean and have harmful/potentially harmful things in my son's reach (Wally it is for the best...)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Irresponsible Doctors?

Here's my latest original post for NJ Moms Blog about my personal opinion on the doctors involved with the California octuplets: