Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Growing up Birthdays were always a big deal in my house. From decorations to presents to family and friends gathered, it was always a day to celebrate you. When I had my son, I knew I wanted to keep the traditions from my childhood alive. And I am proud to report - mission accomplished for year 2!

Both Wally and I took the day off and while Benjamin was still sleeping, we snuck downstairs to decorate the dinning room. While it wasn't anything fancy, the twisted crepe paper hearkened my back to my girlhood birthday celebrations. When Ben finally woke up and Wally brought him downstairs, it he was in awe of his decorated dinning room - the balloons were his favorite.

The morning was spent getting some pancakes at IHOP. Though Ben, in true terrible two fashion, was not very pleased with the service and thought his pancakes needed to be there a little quicker than they were -- so what did he do? He screamed on top of his lungs. But it is his birthday and he scream if he wants to. However, tomorrow is a different story.

When then found a cool, retro toy store in Montclair called Just Kidding Around. We spent about an hour in there with Ben able to pick and choose whatever toys he wanted. We ended up leaving the store with a shirt, backpack, swimming monkey, wind-up lady bug and I think a few other things. What he really wanted was a tow truck (no tow trucks - even after the owners visit to the basement) and hasn't stopped mentioning it. I promised him as I was changing him last night and he asked me where it was yet again that I would get him a toy truck.

As the weather turned, we headed back home and had some lunch. We also played some more outside and in the basement. He then opened up a few presents from Mom and Dad. When he opened up his Max & Ruby DVD, Ben immediately wanted to view his two fav bunnies which was good because I had to shower.

Later that evening, family arrived and we wished Benjamin a very happy birthday complete with pizza (his favorite) and cupcakes (also his favorite). He also chowed down on hummus his favorite dip. Everyone had a blast but most especially Ben. As I looked around the room and saw all the smiling faces and then turned to see my son, I had to hold back my tears because as Ben blew out the candles (with the help of Mom and Dad) I knew all my wishes had come true.

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