Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Series of Four Continues...

Ben seriously cracks me up lately. Here are four more Ben stories for your enjoyment:
1. I came home after work one day and I wouldn't (I mean couldn't) stop kissing his precious little face. He looked at me and said, "no more kisses Mommy!"
2. The Kamienski Family celebrated Valentine's Day at the Central Park Zoo. Since Wally's favorite bird is the puffin, the penguin/puffin exhibit was first on our list. In the puffin exhibit there were about a dozen or more puffins but one lone duck. A six year old came up to the exhibit and pointed at the duck and said, "a puffin Mommy!" Ben looked at him and said, "no duck." Don't mess with the world's youngest zoologist.
3. Ben ran his Dad's landscaping light over with his Fisher Price Power Wheels Lightening McQueen Car. Wally described it as a "real car accident" - you know the kind you see when the car's wheels are still spinning. Wally went up to investigate the scene. Ben said, "sorry Daddy." Wally told him to try steering next time and issued him a warning.
4. Benjamin pooped on the floor. Do I have to say anything else.

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