Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Photos

This is very rare. A great family photo. Look we are all smiling and happy -- even Benjamin is cooperating. Don't we look like the perfect family? But more often than not, the family picture is usually Benjamin squirming away or Wally or me looking at Ben trying to get him to look at the camera. And because, the average person walking by that we ask to take our picture usually cuts Wally's head off in the photo, we're usually not optimistic when we go to review the image that the perfect family picture is up next.

I guess it is kind of like life there are very little perfect moments but having Benjamin has made me relish in the moments that aren't so perfect. In fact, those moments tend to be more fun. So when I look at a picture where Wally's eyes are closed, I am making a funny face trying to get Benjamin to smile and Ben is throwing his head back yelling at the both of us, I think -- perfect -- this is my family and I love it -- the perfect and the not-so-perfect moments.

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