Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Changing The World One Diaper At A Time

Before I had Benjamin, I will admit right here and now. I NEVER changed a diaper. Not one. I also didn't change Ben's diaper until he was about 2-3 weeks old (I had a c-section - doctor's orders). When friends and relatives asked me if they could change Ben's diaper, I said yes with great enthusiasm. Me I don't get the appeal of changing diapers. In fact, I can't wait until we are done with diapers in general. I am an old pro at it now. I can pretty much change Benjamin anywhere and under any circumstances. Call it my new found skill. However, there are people in my family who still have not experienced changing a diaper. Do I fault them? No. Who am I to say anything? If I could have gotten through life without doing it, I would wear it as badge of honor. Last week, it was my brother's turn to take the plunge.

I had a doctor's appointment on my day off. Now usually, I would get my Mom to help out but she was at the dentist. I called up J.B. and asked if he would be willing to help me out for a few hours well I went for a check up. He agreed because any extra time spent with Benjamin is a bonus for him. He arrived on schedule as promised (give or take a few minutes) and Benjamin forgot about Mommy as soon as Uncle was spotted. I gave Benjamin a kiss and few instructions to J.B. and off I went.

While checking out of the doctor's office and getting some instructions, I heard my phone ringing. It was call from my brother's cell probably wondering where I was. Here is how the call went down:

"Jenn where are you?"

"At the doctor's just leaving"

"How far is the doctor's office away"

"About 20 minutes, why is something wrong"

"I think Ben pooped...."

"Do you know where the diapers are?"


I then go into an explanation of where the diapers are and now the receptionist is curious as to who I am talking to. When I get off the phone, I explain to her that my brother is watching my son and he thinks he pooped. She asks if he is a bachelor and I tell her yes. She now thinks that this is the sweetest thing she is ever heard but I am thinking will he attempt this and if he does will there be poop on my rugs. I call him when I get into the parking lot to tell him to wait but he says he is going to do it. I call my mom to tell her the news -- we both pray Ben is agreeable. Just as I am about to tell my mom about the doctor visit, I get a call from my brother's cell phone. I think this might not be good. I hang up on my mom and get the call from J.B. He tells me everything is good but boy did it smell. I say welcome to the club. I promise myself not to check if the diaper is on correctly until after he leaves.

When I get home, Benjamin and his Uncle are playing with some cars and his clothes seem to be on okay. I also glance at the rug and notice no poop like I feared. When I later check his diaper, I notice that he even put the thing on right. In this Mom's and sister's eyes, this brother of mine is way ahead of the curve. So if there is a diaper changing medal out there I want to give it to my brother not just for his changing skills but for going above and beyond when it comes to his nephew. Congratulations!

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