Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've mentioned that Benjamin has become somewhat of a mimicker. I guess he is at that age. I thank god it is still cute because I am sure with my truck driver mouth (I do really try not to swear in front of him) that he will soon be saying four letter words. I seriously hope not but I am sure it is inevitable. However, now it is so much fun and funny. My new favorite is when he calls for his Dad.
One day, I was looking for Wally and had Benjamin in tow. I couldn't figure out where he was in the house. I called downstairs, "WAL-LY!" I called outside, "WAL-LY!" and then I called upstairs, "WAL-LY!" The next thing I hear is not a response back from Wally but Benjamin at the front landing yelling up the stairs, "WAL-LY! WAL-LY! WAL-LY!" Oh and it hasn't ended there now he just likes to yell out, "WAL-LY!"
Wally doesn't think it is as funny as I do and has tried to have Benjamin call me Jen. But, Ben doesn't find it as fun to yell and hasn't really taken to calling me Jen. However, he can be found yelling "WAL-LY!" around the house quite often and I giggle every time.

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