Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ben Says The Darnedest Things

Here are a few amusing things (at least to his parents and grandparents) that Benjamin has said recently:

*Benjamin woke up the other day and yelled downstairs to his father, "Daddy! Are you making breakfast?" Good question Ben.

*In the children's classic Goodnight Moon, there is an old lady in the chair whispering "hush." Since Benjamin has been able to talk, he likes to say the "hush" part. The other night the old lady didn't whisper "hush" but instead according to Ben she now says "SHUSH!"

*I might have told this story already but I looked back in my posts and didn't see it -- if I have go to the next bullet. Benjamin and I say our prayers each night. Each night we pray for people and things we are thankful for the most. The other night as we were going through our list of family and friends the third thing he said was "girls." I asked him to repeat it and he did, then I repeated it in a questioning way and he said, "yes Baba girls!" Now I ask that you pray for me.

*The other night I decided to hop in the tub clothes and all with Benjamin. As I sat in the tub, he turned around and said, "Mommy's too big." Even after the tub Ben told his Daddy, "Mommy's too big." I think I will stop eating now.

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