Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Is What Sorry Looks Like

About three weeks ago now, Wally (by accident) broke my wrist and gave me a few other injuries. While he apologized, I had not yet received a token of his sentiment. The following weekend of my injury Wally said let's go the mall to get you a little gift. Guess what? Wally came home with a Fedora, pair of sneakers and a pack of socks. Me? A $15 headband (that I was rushed into purchasing because Ben didn't want to be in the store anymore). I guess when he said "little" he meant it. Thanks, I think.

On Monday, when I came back to work, I was surprised by the most amazing bouquet of flowers. From Wally right? No from my client who obviously loves me more than my husband.

As the weeks went on and I still didn't receive a proper "I'm sorry gift," I took matters into my own hands. When we were out at the mall getting some spring/summer clothes for my son, I pulled out my list of small designer wristlets I wanted to purchase. I marched Wally into Gucci and said which do you like better? After the decision was made, I told him to purchase the above item as a "get well" present for me. He did and the gorgeous little wristlet was sent to my office last week.
Moral of the story: If you acknowledge an accident right away with a card or flowers (without being prompted), especially one you caused, it will be cheaper for you in the end.

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