Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Worst Week Ever

Before I posted "This Is What Sorry Looks Like," I wanted to clue everyone in on my WORST WEEK EVER. I wish "best" was in that phrase somewhere but "best" was not to be found that week.

Monday - Flew out to LA not so bad. Couldn't sleep that night.

Tuesday - Sat in a conference room for 6 hours while the sun was shinning and the weather was perfect.

Tuesday Night - Took the redeye home to NJ so I could make a meeting at noon in my office (also to see my precious family sooner).

Wednesday 4:00 am - Woke up from a sleeping pill stupor to find that no we weren't landing just yet that there was an electrical fire on the plane. At that point, we were somewhere 2 hours outside of Newark (maybe near Chicago) and the plan was on fire. The captain told us not to worry he "believed" it was under control and oh yes he mentioned that there were plenty of airports to land in from here to Newark if need be but not to worry. Should I go back to sleep?

Wednesday 6:00 am - Hard landing. Another announcement to say the smoke was back and that we would have an "emergency escort" back to the gate just for precautionary measures. Here comes the ambulance, fire trucks and police cars.

Wednesday 10:20 am - I realize I am alive but I have missed my son's first dentist visit. Time to lie to the dentist.

Wednesday Noon - Now being told that we didn't get a big piece of business I worked my as* off on and that this new plan for another client stinks. Glad I came in.

Thursday through Friday - Much of the same.

Saturday 2:30 pm - Wally breaks my wrist (first broken bone in life) and gives me whiplash and sprained shoulder via an indoor playground bullying incident.

Saturday Midnight - Glad the week is over but won't actually find out about extent of the injuries until my two emergency room visits the following week....the fun continued.

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