Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free Is For Me

I've vacationed in the Outer Banks from when I was a young girl, so it is such a wonderful experience to come back here with my son and husband. Since I have been here countless times, I want them to check out some of the things I remember fondly.
On this particular day, I suggest we visit the Corolla Lighthouse. Wally is on board with the plan so we head up the road a few miles to climb the steps of the Lighthouse. First let me start off by saying, I remember it being much bigger and second I don't remember it being that expensive. The cost to climb the steps of the Lighthouse is $7 a person. Now, mind you, I don't want to sound cheap (I'm the girl who spends $500 on shoes without blinking an eye) but you can't even climb all the way to the top to walk around to check out the view.
The boys are seeming a bit bored and disappointed and I am feeling deflated. I want them to love the vacation of my youth as much as I did. I then spot a trail and say "want to walk along the trail?" Wally agrees to check out the trail which winds along through a marsh to an expansive view of the Currituck Bay. The family is starting to warm up to this excursion. We laugh along the way and comment that the walkway looks as old as our parents decks combined. Wally also asks me if I would dive head first into the muck of the marsh for $100. I tell him no. He continues to up the price until he hits a million and I still say no but might consider. Trust me it is nasty. He then tells me for $5,000 he would push me in himself.
We then head back and notice another open area and we decide to check it out. What we find is the Outer Banks Wildlife Museum. We think, "why not?". Oh and it is free. It turns out to be the most perfect museum experience for Benjamin. The museum is filled with ducks! Ben LOVES ducks. He is somewhat obsessed with our fine-feathered friends. He is saying duck, duck, duck and running all over the place in sheer bliss. "Quack, Quack, Quack!" can be heard throughout the halls of the museum. Who knew such a museum existed and who knew a one year old and a small handful of others would find this museum so amazing. At the exit of the museum, we run into a bear (stuffed) and Ben pets it like it is Bruin with a huge grin on his face. We leave the world's best museum and head over a historic bridge surrounded by majestic willow trees to check out more of the grounds of the park.
After our walk, we decide to head back to the car. I think with a big smile in my heart, "what a wonderful time. "
By the way, we didn't spend a dime for an afternoon of fun so much for the $7 lighthouse...

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