Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There Is No Doubt Benjamin Is A Boy

I never set out to be a Mom who encouraged Benjamin to be a boy's boy. He has the freedom to be who he chooses to be and to express himself in whatever way feels best or natural to him. Don't get me wrong. Of course, we have bought him boy's toys like trucks and cars but he instinctively knows what to do with them. He picks up a truck and wheels it around and says, "Vrroom, Vrroom" - not really something I taught him, it is like he just knows. Take for example our day at the beach yesterday. Wally builds a sandcastle for Benjamin to admire. Wally says, "Benjamin come look at the castle Daddy has built for you." Ben turns around and I see the mischievous grin start to form on his lips. He then starts to growl. The warning has been issued. Sandcastle if you could run for your life I would suggest it. Ben starts destroying the sandcastle like he is Godzilla stomping through the streets of downtown Tokyo leaving a path of destruction in his wake. He then claps for himself and his very proud and actually, no joke, he puffs out his chest and beats it a bit. Once again, not something I have taught him nor have I seen Wally go around beating his chest (one year old beating his chest cute...30-something year old beating his chest not so cute). Then there was also the poor crab who had to run for his little life all over the beach. What a sight. Benjamin ran and ran and ran after the crab from the beach to the shore line and back. The crab finally had to bury himself alive to try and survive the relentless attack from Benjamin. The day ended with both my boys snoring like chainsaws on the couch and me reading Maeve Binchy (total chick lit). It is fun being a boy!

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