Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suffering for Fashion

If someone asks me, "Jenn are those shoes comfortable? How can you walk in those heels?" - you know in that way that says "they don't look very comfortable" - I always say, "who cares if they are comfortable - they look great!" So the idea of "suffering for fashion" is not a new concept for me. However, it is a lesson learned that I should not force my philosophy on others, in particular, my son. You see Benjamin's grandparents bought him a cool pair of slip on sneakers complete with skulls and crossbones but I thought they looked very dorky with socks and no kid of mine is a dork (even though he is 1 and the person making fun of a one year old that wears gym socks with slip on sneakers is the lowest of the low). So I ditched the socks and slipped his feet into the sneakers. He seemed to be just fine and boy did he look very hip -- the most important thing - right?

On the sockless day, Benjamin, my parents and I decided to head down to the shore for a day of fun. As the day progressed, he seemed a bit whiny and I couldn't figure out why he didn't seem to be having fun on the "fun-filled" day. He had taken a nap on the way down, his belly was full, he was doing fun activities - all sure signs that he should be having fun. After getting off the carousel (a fun favorite ride for Ben) at the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, he wasn't happy. I put him down to walk and he started limping. My Dad noticed it first and he said maybe it is his shoes. I said, "he is fine." Well, he wasn't fine. He had a huge blister that turned into into a bleeding wound over the next few days because I thought my son should suck it up and suffer for fashion. Lesson learned.

So now, he wears his slip ons and even his Crocs (HE IS NOT A DORK) with socks but they are the cute ankle length ones so he is still cooler than most kids and grandpas who wear socks with their sandals.


Kris said...

Altough I agree with you that Ben is not a dork and that someone who makes fun of a 1-year-old is below the lowest of low...
Journey's Kids makes these awesome skull & crossbone ankle socks. They are tough. Next time I am out, I will grab Ben a pair.

The Kamienski Chronicles said...

Auntie Kris you are the best!