Friday, June 27, 2008

Ben Kissed A Girl

Yesterday, we got together with some college friends of mine and their children. Among the children was Lexi - just one week younger than Ben - and now officially known as "the first girl who made out with my son". As you can see from the picture, they didn't just give each other a peck on the cheek -- they actually locked lips -- a bit shocking.
This kiss, while completely innocent and worthy of many "ahhhhs," got me to thinking of the years ahead as the mother of a son. For sons, Moms are always the first lady you love in life something that I truly treasure and I consider a gift. Also as a mother of a son, I realized that I am the number one lady in his life but after the "kiss" I thought that this distinction in life would not always be. One day my Ben will grow up and find "the love of his life" and I will become the number two lady. Thinking about it now (while I know it is many years away) - it makes me sad (and also cringe at the thought of all the girls that I will not "like so much" that he will bring into my home). Trust me, I want Ben to find a love like I found with Wally - the kind of love that brings you happiness but a love that also gets you through the rough patches. However, I'm a little selfish when it comes to Ben's love -- sometimes I want it all for myself. So until he finds the one, I plan to enjoy the honor of being my son's favorite lady in his life. And it is completely OK with me if he is forever a Mommy's boy and doesn't kiss another girl until he is 30 -- but at this rate it might just be next week. Heart breaker!


A Lo said...

He's a fast mover like his father, he knows a great girl when he sees her. Keep your eye out for all those hussies who will be coming along they will be after him.(LOL) Heart breakers the moment they are born. LHK ALo

A Lo said...
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Jennifer said...

So cute! Ben's first girlfriend. I love it.

And, I love the Kamienski files -- you have Jon and Kate beaten...I'm hooked.