Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hungry Man

Wally often says, "Benjamin has the appetite of five truck drivers." My son, LOVES to eat. The best part -- the kid will eat anything and everything. He is much like his father.

If you don't feed him BEWARE! When he is eating, it is like he is on a mission. We often need to remind him to "slow down" and "chew." To appease us he will bob his head up and down - this is his idea of chewing. On this particular day, we went to a diner in Ocean Sands for breakfast (the day we went searching for a hat, chair and flip-flops). First off, the diner served organic whenever possible which is a plus for us because we are trying to raise Ben to be an organic kid (also whenever possible). Now for what he ate. He started off with his usual pre-meal snack of Cheerios and dried fruit. Oh, this did not spoil his appetite. The meal came and he seemed to be ravenous like I didn't just feed him a pound of Cheerios. He went on to eat one and a half large slices of french toast, fruit, some omelet, veggies and potatoes, oh yes and biscuit. Did I tell you he can eat? It makes Wally and I so happy that he has such a healthy appetite. I know one day he will probably only eat chicken nuggets but I am trying to hold off on that day as long as I can :)!

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