Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Special Little Boy

Most of my blogs revolve around one special little boy by the name of Benjamin but today I'm going to write about another special boy in my life - Michael. From the day Michael was born, we had a very special bond. While I wasn't given the title of godmother from the start, I have earned it over the years (apparently, Big Mike would have given me the title from the start but that is a completely different story for another time). At times, I felt like I gave birth to him - I love him that much. As he grew, my fondness grew for him as well. When I thought I could be a mother and thought I actually wanted to be a mother, was when I met this little boy. However, it wouldn't be that easy for me. If I went through a particularly rough time with my fertility treatment, in a weird way, if I saw him and spent time with him it made me feel better. Although, I would cry sometimes to Wally "I just want to have what Kristi and Mike have -- I want a child as special as Michael." After many years of trying, God did answer my prayers with a very, very special child.
Last night, Michael graduated from kindergarten (I can't believe it). I sat in the audience and had tears in my eyes (yes, I am emotional and yes, I cry a lot) thinking how proud I am of this little boy - I mean big boy. We went back to the house and had some cake and danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller. The kid cracks me up and boy can he DANCE! He was also kind of impressed with my spinning and moves. He said "Aunt Jenn you're good!". Well, Michael I think you are good too. Actually, I think you are one of the best!

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Anonymous said...

That was the sweetest thing I have ever read. You brought tears to my eyes. If I didn't cry enough last night. Michael adores you more than words can say.You are the "real Aunt Jen". Thanks for being such an important part in his life. I know that Ben and I will be just as close as the years go on... He knows who gives him the coins(: