Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wonder Of It All

I was sitting in the living room with Benjamin and Wally today. I picked up one of Benjamin's WonderPets and I asked Ben who it was. He answered me, "Tuck." I then proceeded to tell him that Bruin was a secret WonderPet. He told me, "no!" I asked if Ben was a WonderPet. He said no to that as well. Then Wally got in on it. He said, "are you sure WonderBen?" He shoke his head and said, "NO!" Wally then asked, "what about WonderMommy?" Ben said "No WonderMommy." That hurt my feelings a bit. But then I asked, "what about WonderDaddy." Ben said, "YES WonderDaddy!" Hmmpf. Well, I guess Daddy can save the day and the baby sea lion next time.

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