Thursday, January 22, 2009

Four More Short Stories

I heard from friends and family that they really enjoyed the first four short stories (in general, I usually wax lyrical) about silly, funny, crazy, sweet things Benjamin does, so I decided it was time for four more. P.S. The picture has nothing to do with any of the stories but I just love it.
1. I was sitting on the floor doing sit ups. Benjamin got down next to me and put his hands behind his head and tried to do them too.
2. Last Saturday, Wally and I were both distracted by the frozen water pipe bursting in our basement that we didn't realize we left wine on the table. Benjamin walked into the foyer and was saying, "mmmm" he then ran away from me. When I went to follow him my mouth fell open, he was drinking Wally's glass of red wine. Please don't call child services on us - it was a rough night. I guess everyone need a little bit of wine.
3. Same night, Benjamin decided that instead of kissing me licking me would be much more fun. I hope that doesn't become a habit.
4. And finally, my favorite Ben short story from this week is while watching one of the Inaugural Balls Alicia Keyes was on performing Wally and Benjamin's song "No One." Wally started singing the song to Benjamin. When the chorus came back on, Benjamin sang "no one, no one, no one" to his Daddy. Yes, you can all cry now like I did.

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