Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppa

Today is my Dad's birthday and before we headed over to my parents, Wally and I began practicing with Ben to say "Happy Birthday Poppa." With each practice run it became clearer and clearer. As we walked into my parent's house, I said, "Ben do you have anything to say to Poppa?" Without any further cajoling, right on cue, he said, "Happy Birthday Poppa." I thought my Mom and Dad would burst with pride. My Dad's voice was a little shaky when he responded, "thank you Benjamin."

I also had been practicing with Benjamin singing Happy Birthday, but he will only sing it very quietly. So you'll notice, if you watch the video, you'll hear Mrs. Galasso's voice loud and clear but not Ben's voice singing. However, if I let the video go a bit longer you would have heard him singing, "Happy Birthday to Poppa." I swear!

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