Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Science Done Right LSC Style

Science was never my best subject in school. However, it wasn't my worst either that was math. On a cold winter's day, the Kamienski Family had an opportunity to get in a few science lessons but this time free of exams and filled with FUN. Liberty Science Center hosted a sciencerific event for NJ Moms Blog, Philly Moms Blog and NY Moms Blog jam packed with educational activities that everyone from the smallest to the tallest could enjoy.
When we first arrived Benjamin was napping, so Wally and I decided to check out the first demonstration, Sub-Zero, while he was snoozing. We were able to relive our third grade science class all over again this time with real live clouds in the room. Check out Ben sleeping in the clouds.

After a brush with solids, liquids and gas, Benjamin opened his peepers and we headed to check out some live animals including a snake and a frog. Benjamin was very eager to pet the giant frog (this thing was HUGE and highly poisonous) and when he was told he couldn't, he wanted out of the classroom. So we left the VIF (very important family) area, and headed into the museum to check out I Explore, an exhibit made just for the younger set. I Explore didn't disappoint Ben nor Mom and Dad. We had a blast with the ball machine and rock xylophone and sand box which was actually filled with rice instead (good idea). But Ben's favorite had to be the exhibit that taught the little guys about amplified sound.

We ended the day at LSC with a trip to the moon with Elmo, Big Bird and the muppet from China (sorry I can't recall his name) by using our imaginations that and a mini-blow up planetarium that was impossible to get in and out of (wish I had video of 6'5" Wally crawling out of).

After hanging with the stars (i.e. Big Dipper and North), we bundled up ready to brave the cold with a little more knowledge in hand. Thank you Liberty Science Center for a making science fun for all ages.

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ChefDruck said...

Pretty nice to be a VIF for a day! Love that term - so funny!