Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Buffalo "Tails"

As most of you know, I now have a Buffalo living in my home. The other day as Benjamin was standing on the Buffalo and Wally asked, "Ben where is the buffalo?" Not knowing that the hairy thing he was standing was a buffalo (all flat, furry it could be mistaken for a Woolly Mammoth), he said, "I don't know Daddy." Wally asked a few more times and the same response came, "I don't know Daddy." After the third time, Ben left the room. I thought he might have been leaving out of annoyance but he in fact. He returned to the room with a shirt in his hand, "here is the Buffalo Daddy." After rummaging through his draw, he found his yellow shirt with a buffalo on it. Wally and I were both dumbfounded. I also half expected Ben to then say, "here is the buffalo Daddy now can you stop asking me where it is." Just for the record, Ben didn't -- I wouldn't blame him if he did.

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