Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My How Life Has Changed

Here is a little quiz for you (multiple choice). Four years ago, if you had to guess where Nadia and I would be on Sunday afternoon where would you say:

a)The Mall at Short Hills

b) Brunch at Grill 73

c) Getting Manis/Pedis

d)Joining the Peace Corps

e)At Funtime Junction in Fairfield

I think we would have gotten more votes for choice (d then we would have for e), but e) is the correct answer.

This Sunday, Chanel glasses and all, we traveled with our two favorite boys to Funtime Junction filled with pint size boys and girls running around in just their socks. While it took a few minutes for Blake to warm up to his surroundings, Benjamin, the older of the two, was off and running and didn't stop for over two hours. Then Blake got in on the action and ran Nadia ragged while our husbands conversed in a corner about sprinklers, surveyed the scene and snapped pictures of the "funtimes."

It was special to see Benjamin acting like a big brother to Blake. "Come on Bake, Come on Bake," could be heard throughout the place house when Benjamin wanted Blake to follow him to the next activity. Benjamin also won him a turtle and was so proud to present it to him.

I hope Benjamin and Blake will grow up to be great buddies like their mommies are (not that they have a choice) but after today I think their life-long friendship has already started.

While it might not have been the Last Call Sale at Neiman Marcus or a delicious poached eggs, I couldn't have imagined spending a better day with friends who are more like family.


Jennifer said...

I love it! Very nice and great photo. The multiple choice in the beginning was a nice touch!

Kristi said...

Funtime Junction is a blast. Michael had his 4th bday party there. Maybe that can be #3 for Ben:)