Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Few of Ben's Favorite Things

If you look back on your Christmas mornings, I am sure you will recall some of your favorite Christmas gifts of all time. For me my it was the Barbie Dream House (Childhood Christmas) and the snow scene picture that I pointed out to Wally while in Cape May as we passed a store window which Wally later found and gave it to me our first Christmas together (Adult Christmas). I can also recall friends and family's favorites as well like my brother's had to be the G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier and recently when my Dad surprised him with a Sony Playstation 3. My friend Fran just told me her favorite was her Barbie Camper (that did rock). And I know, my mother's had to be the diamond wedding band (that she always wears) that was hidden in her stocking one year -- oh yes, and the Ben calendar she got this year :).
This year, Benjamin had a few favorites. In no particular order, here is the list:
"Fishy" - Translation Benjamin's new aquarium
"Pisty Cup" - The Piston Cup Race Track
"Choo Choo Train" - A plethora of Thomas the Train paraphernalia including a train table
"Cars" - A Lighting McQueen Power Wheels
"Cars Show" - A Lighting McQueen TV
Kind of see a trend...I'm sure the are more favorites to come for Benjamin, and when he looks back on his Christmas mornings of past, I hope he will recall a favorite gift from his childhood.

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