Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Give Me A Home...

Is this really my life? Behold, exhibit A, to the left. If you don't know what Ben and Wally are lounging on that is a buffalo skin rug. No, I am not lying. I wish I was. I didn't realize it up until this point in my life, but this is perhaps my worst nightmare come true. Imagine a big smelly REAL buffalo skin in the middle of your living room and if you can tell from the picture my decor is not Southwestern or Dead Animal Chic. This lovely dead animal is now living in my home courtesy of my mother-in-law-a gift for Wally's birthday.
My problem both Wally and Benjamin love it. Especially, Ben he thinks it is the best thing in the world rolling around naked in animal fur. Wally might as well love that notion, but I pray to God, since he got this thing, that I may never see that imagine. Two year old rolling around naked cute - 39 year old man? - hmmmm, not so cute, but more on the disturbing side.
I do have to thank my wonderful dog. While out for breakfast on Saturday morning, we came home to find flying Buffalo fur. Bruin was punished by Wally, but secretly I gave Bruin a treat because now Wally realizes with Bruin we can't leave it in the living room (YEAH!). However, last night, I came home from a lovely evening out with my husband only to be startled by the buffalo. As I walked into my wardrobe room and turned on the lights, I found the dead animal on the floor of my favorite room in the house.
I want this Buffalo to roam somewhere else far, far away. I woke up this morning and it was still in the closet so it wasn't a dream/nightmare - it is real. Why me? And yes, apparently this really is my life.

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