Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I usually don't talk about my clients but I had to share this story. On a recent client call, the client did not realize my colleague was on the phone and I was referred to as a "firecracker." The way I see it is this, that is the nicest possible way someone can call me a b----.
Well on an email today, I finally confronted him on it. He had busted my chops about something so I thought I would return the favor by casually mentioning the firecracker crack.
He knew he had been busted so he said, "You are a firecracker--but a very, very good one. The kind they use to end the shows." To that I say, "BOOM!"

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Beth said...

Ha. Nice! I say take it as a compliment. I suppose it all depends on the tone, right?

Also, have finally revealed The Bag and have also tagged you for a "Bag Meme":)