Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mystery Solved

In a recent blog (Hi My Name is Benjamin And I Am A Zoo-a-holic), I mentioned a half zebra/half horse looking beast that we had no clue what it was or even if it was a real animal. Well, wonder no more my friends - MYSTERY SOLVED!
On a recent visit to the Bronx zoo, as we entered the Congo exhibit I began to round a corner and I stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me was the elusive, no-named animal in the flesh. Was I seeing things? Could this actually be real and then it moved confirming that indeed this thing was real. I started to jump in excitement, "Wally there it is! There it is!" Wally could hardly believe his eyes either. We began to feverishly look for a sign. The anticipation was killing us. We rounded two more corners and finally came upon a little sign. This is it. The moment was finally here. For months I wondered what this animal could be and we were about to know. Wally proudly announced, "it is an Okapi." An Okapi? Yes, an Okapi!
So now when we ask Ben "what is that animal you have in your hand?" He answers, "kapi."
Case closed.

Fun Facts - While many might think that the Okapi is related to the Zebra (which I definitely concluded), it is actually related to the giraffe (very similar head shape). To learn more about the Okapi, you can check out the "animal bytes" page from the San Diego Zoo Web site .

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