Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are You There God? It's Me Kristi.

Editors Correction: I was reminded it was not actually a pencil but a frisbee that Krisit and Billy still had until Frosty (the stray dog she picked up on the side of the road that ultimately ran away) broke it.
So many of my favorite memories throughout my life have one key component and the key to those wonderful memories are my best friend Kristi. Recently, I was reminded of one of my favorites after Wally and Benjamin visited Space Farm Zoo.
In the Fifth Grade, Kristi and I were preparing to receive Penance. Since we were best friends, we thought it would be a good idea to run our sins past one another before we talked with the priest. Here is how the conversation went:
Jenn - I think I will tell Father Roland that I was mean to my brother and swore sometimes
Kristi - Yeh, me too
Jenn - I'll probably also tell him I talked back to my Mom
Kristi - I'll probably say that too but I have one other thing
Jenn - What is it?
Kristi - I'm not sure if I want to tell
Jenn - Tell me! I'm your best friend
Kristi - Well ok. Do you remember when we want to Space Farm Zoo for our class trip in the first grade?
Jenn - Yeh, of course I remember
Kristi - Well, I forgot to get something for Billy so I had pick him something out quick. So I picked out a pencil. As I was waiting on line to pay, I was told that I had to leave now. So, I stole the pencil.
I was in shock! My best friend stole. Would she ever be forgiven? In our minds, this sin was bigger than any other sins we both committed. But being a supportive friend I said, "I'm sure God will forgive you and your penance won't be that bad." And I was right God did forgive her and her penance wasn't that bad. Besides, it would have been far worse if Billy hadn't gotten a gift - he would probably still bring it up today.
In our lives, there were many more sins we confessed to each other but none so memorable as the souvenir stolen from Space Farm. Happy Birthday Kristi to a friend I can confess anything to!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction. I figure if you are going to tell everyone my sin it should be right. Thanks for the blog and being my " bestest" friend then and now.

Wally said...

I always thought Kristi would be one to have 'sticky fingers'. Cure story. BTW - 'their' is used incorrectly, it should be 'there'. Oh St. Leo's and you tried.