Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bomb Squad

There are times in your life when you wake up one day and something is different for some reason. It's usually insignificant like a creaky step in the stairs that for some reason doesn't make a sound, the way the sun comes through the curtains when it had always been blocked or just a feeling inside where you know something has changed but you are unsure what exactly. What I have noticed is that however the change shows itself, one thing has always been true. Change, to me, feels good because it is like a new beginning. Afterall, the saying goes that the one constant in life is change.

This past rainy Saturday, I decided to act on my awaited plan to rearrange the living room. Not that it particularly needed it, but mostly because I was tiring of the sameness of it. So, while attampting to fix the satellite cable, I moved the TV to the other side of the room and managed to get our 800 pound counch across the floor. Jenn came in and asked "Oh, are we changing the living room, now?" I said yes and informed her that we talked about this. Truth be told, we did talk about it and both agreed the 800 pound library was not in the best place for Ben and his playing habits. We did not, though, discuss and agree to how the change would be done.

Regardless, Jenn helped me in moving the furniture around, herself removing sliders from under the cabinet, and took herself away from something else (blogging) she was in the middle of. Once she saw the configuration I proposed, she recommended moving the couch to the other wall and arranging the chairs another way. It worked and is now done.

Jenn is selfless in alot ways and this is certainly one of the better examples. I usually spring things on her and without (much) hesitation, she always (somewhat reluctantly) is willing to take herself away from her plans and help me with mine. I usually let her know my appreciation by letting her know she is 'the bomb'. After this most recent episode, she is now to be known as 'the bomb squad' for being the bigger person when it comes to working through change.

Thanks Bomb Squad. You're the best.

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