Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Addicted

I'm addicted! Whether I am having a good day or bad, I crave Benjamin's hugs and kisses. A hug and/or kiss from Benjamin melts your heart. It makes you feel better than any high you've ever experienced. And Benjamin just doesn't gingerly give his love - he is pretty intense about it too. When he gives you a hug, he squeezes as tight as his little body can and actually gives a grunt - just so you know (if there was ever any question) that you are being hugged. As for his kisses, he thinks he is starring in a movie. He moves in with his eyes closed and his mouth open and smacks one right on your lips. In fact, he loves to steal kisses from little girls (which Mom needs to put an end to) like his some sort of Romeo. Now, he can be a typical child. He sometimes can be stingy with his love by giving you the cheek or making his arms go limp refusing to give out his affection. But his Mommy and Daddy are rarely given the cold shoulder from Benjamin, in fact, we call him a lovey boy because of all of his hugs and kisses.
What an amazing thing! What a beautiful gift! What a blessing!

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