Wednesday, September 17, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame

This week I am somewhat famous. My 15 minutes of fame are upon me. It all started with my appearance on Ace of Cakes. Was I happy with my appearance? Well...if you have a Tivo or DVR, I looked like a linebacker walking out of the back of the Milk-Bone doghouse if you slowed it down (which a few friends and family did and agreed with my assessment). To set the record straight, I don't walk like that. I never have, not a day in my life. Not really sure why I was walking like I had just pumped some iron. Of course, it is preserved now on film...
Next, I am NOW (I mean right now) on the Martha Stewart Show. I mean right now!! Martha is producing a show on bloggers. About 10 seconds ago, we just got a calendar from a blogger who publishes cute pictures of animals and I think we are also getting a book. Oh yes, we just did. I am in the back row so not sure if I am going to be getting my second moment of fame this week. SHOW THE BACK! Make sure you are watching at 11 a.m. today! See if my fame continues and if I have to avoid the paparazzi and wear dark sunglasses from now on. Our the pressures of stardom.

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