Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For a very long time, it had just been Wally, Bruin and me. So when we found out we were pregnant we were worried about how Bruin would be with a baby. Bruin has never been a vicious dog. In fact, I can't recall Bruin every snapping at someone, let alone a child. However, he has tried to hump a few innocent children but in his defense it was before the removal of his (former) favorite two friends. We were also concerned because Bruin can tend to be jealous of Wally showing anyone else attention besides him. We thought about taking a class or taking him to a class to learn "how to adjust" but we decided to wing it.
Before we brought Ben home, we gave Bruin the blanket Ben was wrapped in when he was first born to get accustomed to Benjamin's scent (I saw this on some Baby Story episode and also heard it from someone else that I can't recall at this moment). According to my father-in-law, who was taking care of Bruin while we were all in the hospital, he took one sniff and walked away. When Benjamin was brought home, he performed a similar act. We brought Benjamin over and Bruin sniffed him a few times and walked away. When Benjamin would cry in the night and not many of us were getting sleep Bruin would let out a big sigh and leave the bedroom looking back at us thinking, "hey guys wasn't it good when it was just the three of us?" But as time went on Bruin got used to the fact and started being very protective of Ben. When ever he would cry, he would pace the floor and be right by his side. He even started to get brave enough to give his feet a little lick every now and then.
Over time, Bruin and Benjamin formed such a bond that one of Ben's first words was Bru -- yes way before Mom. In the past few months, Benjamin has become more active (that is putting it mildly) and has wanted to become more interactive with Bru. Now, he likes to pet him and give him big hugs. And Bruin, is the world's most tolerant dog. For a dog of 9 years of age, he has the patience of Job. When Benjamin decided to try to ride him like a pony, Bruin just sat there and let the Ben have his fun. When Ben grabs his ears a little too rough, he doesn't make a peep. When Ben squats down right in Bruin's face while he is trying to eat, Bruin ignores him and continues to finish his dinner.
While it may seem Bruin only tolerates Ben, he actually loves him a lot. Sometimes Wally or I will say, "Ben give Bru a kiss" and before Benjamin can bend down Bruin turns around and licks his face something silly which makes Ben squeal in laughter which makes Wally and I smile knowing that we have two wonderful boys.

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