Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Minute Parents

Wally and I feel it necessary for Benjamin to experience all he can (and we can cram in) including all the seasonal traditions. The week leading up to Halloween every day and night we would say to each other, "you know we have to carve those pumpkins." So because, we are busy and more importantly procrastinators, on Halloween day the pumpkins still were not carved. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't have that "moment" where Ben was watching/helping us carve the pumkins -- pumpkin guts all over his hands, laughs shared, pictures taken. However, after returning from dinner and washing Ben up, I noticed Wally was missing and the porch light was on. There Wally was gutting pumpkins. I asked him the obvious, "what are you doing." He responded, "come outside and carve your pumpkin." I said, "Ben's in his pjs!" Because my husband is the more carefree one of the group, "he said who cares." He was right, who cares.
I put Ben's dog slippers on and a jacket with hood and together we made our way outside. While it wasn't the Norman Rockwell moment I wanted, as I was trying to carve the pumpkin Ben insisted on jumping on my back and biting me (laughing the whole time) and he also tried to pick up the carving knife more than one time, we did get the tradition in under the wire. Go Wally and me! Another moment down, a million more memories to make.

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