Monday, November 3, 2008

Daddy Meet Peppa

Ben has a plastic cow that he needs to travel with while in the car. If he doesn't have it in his hand he throws a fit and the car ride is pretty much torture. The plastic cow's name is Pepper or as Benjamin says, "Peppa" (like the 80s wrap act Salt n' Peppa). How did the name come to be? Why, of course, his favorite cow at the zoo is Pepper.
Since Wally has never been to the Bergen County Zoo, he got his first chance to meet the infamous Pepper at the Zoo Boo event. Ben was super excited to introduce his favorite cow to Daddy. As we rounded the corner and smelt Pepper (sorry Pepper but you do smell), Ben motioned with his hands (like Vanna White presenting the grand prize of a brand new car to the latest Wheel winner) to Pepper and said, "Daddy Peppa!". At last, Daddy finally got to meet Pepper - Ben's favorite cow! And from the pictures above you can see that it was quite a first meeting.

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