Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disturbing News

Wally just told me the most disturbing thing about 5 seconds ago. As we were making the bed, I noticed a booger on Ben's face. We both commented on how sticky his boogers are and that they aren't the kind of boogers you can just flick off. As we both agreed to this fact, Wally proceeded to tell me that the other day he found a booger on Ben and he put it on his sock. I asked Wally to repeat this because I didn't think I heard it right.
"Your sock?"
"Yes, my sock."
"Were you outside?"
"What about a tissue?"
"There wasn't a tissue around. I was holding him."
"What happened to the booger?"
"I don't know."


Wally said...

The author fails to mention key information with this posting that I would like to clarify:
1) Wally was in the middle of changing a heavily loaded diaper and multi-tasking in removing the offending booger.
2) The sock was the nearest alternative as it was headed to the laundry anyway.
3) Bruin was in the immediate area and I believe may have actually consumed the protein-filled nose candy.
4) Hey, get over it, you would have done the same thing if you were genius enough to think of it.

Newbie said...

I just threw up in my mouth