Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm Number One

To avoid any confusion, Benjamin is number one. My brother may think he holds the top spot in the heart of my Mom but he is delusional. On October 29, Grandma's birthday, if there was any doubt, Ben solidified his spot yet again.
Before Grandma's birthday, we practiced saying, "Happy Birthday Grandma." When he arrived at her home and I prompted him to say it, in perfect form, he said "Happy" "Happy" "Birday" "GMa" then it became "Happy, Happy BB." Whatever he said, it made my Mom cry. And if that wasn't enough, as a birthday gift from Benjamin, we got Mom a canvas picture of Ben holding out an apple that goes perfectly with the color scheme of her room. Even if the color scheme was off, she would still love it just the same but the color scheme and the adorable look in Ben's eyes that said, "Grandma aren't I number one?" put it over the edge.
So to clarify and put the naysayers to rest, Ben was the one sitting on Mom's lap when it was time to sing Happy Birthday - not my Dad, not Wally, not JB, nor me but Ben her number one.

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