Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween! (Better late than never)

Yes, Halloween was a week ago but it is never too late to say Happy Halloween (well maybe in January it would be). Benjamin celebrated his second Halloween in 2008 in monkey-rific style. As compared to last year, he was actually able to trick or treat with the big boys and girls. Last year, he made special visits to family members but was unable to enjoy his treats.
Apparently, unbeknown to Wally and I, there is a big Halloween celebration on South Street were hundreds or children show up to trick or treat. After a visit from his grandparents, Wally, Ben and I headed up to South Street for this supposed Halloween happening and it was true there were hundreds of kids trick or treating all throughout town. Where had Wally and I been living -- under a rock on Halloween day?
I held Ben's fire truck basket while he asked for the treats and showed great manners as he thanked everyone -- even the cheap merchants who gave away tiny tootsie rolls and breath mints. His favorite by far were the cookies from Swiss Chalet. In fact, he ate the whole bag of cookies before we even got back in the house.
After hitting up all the stores, we headed to our favorite breakfast haunt for dinner -- The Minuteman -- where all our favorite waitresses were there to hang with Ben. We also left with about a dozen cookies from all his waitress "girlfriends" and a new phrase, "stop it!" which he proclaimed to waitress Diane who was feeding him and missing his mouth. The cookies were fine but the "stop it" I could live without.
Ben's second Halloween proved to be even better than the last with more treats and more fun!

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