Friday, August 15, 2008

Who You Calling Ma'am?

When did I get old? When did I start to become a ma'am? I remember the first time I went from being a miss to a ma'am. I was at the local supermarket and some snot nosed kid (I'm sure he was a very lovely child and wasn't the snot aged anymore) asked me, "ma'am do you want your receipt in the bag?" I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. My first response was to be, "I don't really care what you do with the receipt! More importantly, do I look like a ma'am to you? I am young, beautiful and vivacious! Don't EVER call me ma'am!" However, I just said, quite meekly, "yes" and slumped away completely depressed. Over the next year, I was called "ma'am" more often. When I hear miss now, I think what did I do different today? Did I get more sleep? Did I wear my hair a certain way that makes me look younger? Pathetic, right?
I brought the subject up to my friends first by saying, "did I get really old looking?" Of course, my dear friends say, "no". Then I say, "why does everyone call me ma'am now?!" That is when Jennifer said the most brilliant thing, "the reason why we are being called ma'am now is not because we look older is because we command respect." "We have a presence about us that is not childish and silly and Miss just wouldn't do." Yes, I do command respect and I do carry myself in way that gives people a sense that I am confident in who I am (even if I'm not always feeling that way).
Over the "ladies weekend" and after contemplating Jennifer's words, we took this picture and I looked at it and thought if this is what ma'ams looks like I'll take being a ma'am any day of the week!


Anonymous said...

I was playing mini golf with Christopher when a teenager not only called me ma'am, but also offered me her seat. No joke. If I wasn't with my kid I would've socked her.

The Kamienski Chronicles said...

I hate youth! But my friend's words of wisdom did make me feel better (even if it is only in my mind).