Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Joining "The Club"

Before Wally and I were parents, we were excluded from "The Club." Oh, people may say there isn't a "club" but there most certainly is an exclusive group that you only gain entrance with a child in tow. For those who don't have children, "The Club" is a very hush, hush topic. For example, if you ask a friend with a child and ask them what they did over the weekend they might say to a non-member, "nothing much just some kid stuff." Translation: I was with our friends who are in "the club" and you weren't invited. Now, to be fair, not everyone is a "club" elitist. There have been times in my life while trying to obtain member status that I have been asked to partake and there are times when I have been left out of things. Whether it is right or wrong or feelings are trying to be spared that is the way it is in this "club".

This weekend, Wally and I officially joined "The Club" -- well not really joined but more like initiated. From early Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon , The Kamienski Family went away with two other families. Yes, we took the plunge and vacationed with other parents and their children (6 adults and five children) coming out of alive and new members.
While Benjamin has gained us access to kiddie parties, we haven't dared explore the multi-family vacation. I was a bit nervous at first. One of the reasons I enjoy Wally's company so much is because I can vacation with him and traveling is key for me. When Benjamin came along, he also fit into the vacationing groove nicely but traveling with other families this could be disastrous and we could be denied access.
We went through a series of tests this weekend. People will say there are no "tests" to get in but there most certainly are quite a few. Here are our tests:

We were tasked with meeting the two families at the park at 10 am (since Wally said it would be no problem to do - Wally the same guy who didn't pack the night before). When we over slept a bit and Wally still didn't shower or pack and it was 7:45 and we still needed to drop Bruin off in Montville, it looked like we would fail miserably. However, I didn't count on Mr. Nesty beginning such a slow driver and my hubby being the next Speed Racer (yet very cautious). Due to these factors, we were only behind 10 minutes the Nestorsons. We were able to meet the Nestys in the parking lot and head to HersheyPark for the day. Now, where were the Bonzceks?
Test - Passed

Lost and Found
The Bonzceks were no where to be found. The Nestys and Wally tried reaching them several times - had they bagged? No, I began to think, "this is test number 2 - Lost and Found". A thought popped into my head that I should check my Blackberry and low and behold Johnny B had contacted me letting us know they were there and where were we. After exchanging messages, I secured their location and found The Bonczek Family safe and sound and ready for a day of fun.
Test - Passed
Our first stop in the park was the Boardwalk area where the kids and the adults alike had some fun in the wadding pools. The Kamienski Clan ended up in a different wading pool where Benjamin slid down the mini-water slide several times with a big grin on his face. We next ate lunch together and collectively decided it was time for some of the other rides. Babies were changed out in the open (a no, no in the park but we weren't waiting on the line from hell to change our little ones so we did it very discreetly). How I ended up with the map and navigating the crew like some episode of Dora the Explorer I don't know but I found myself in charge of getting us to some kiddie rides. After what might have seemed to be a few wrong turns, I started hearing some grumbling from the group but I forged on. Now to be fair to me, the maps kind of stink and the signs aren't any better. Like a good Dora, I found some quality family rides and fun was had by all.
Test - Shaky but Passed
At the end of the day, we decided to stay in the park a little longer than the rest of the vacationers. There were a few more rides I wanted Benjamin to experience. We told the rest of the crew that we would meet them back at the hotel. After hitting, the train, the spaceship ride and Kissing Tower the Kamienskis called it a day and headed back to the hotel. When we arrived, it was not yet decided where the Kamienskis would lay their heads that night. Since we are the tallest of the bunch, we really wanted the king size bed. I forgot to mention we rented two 2-room suites (only two king beds, the other rooms double). The Bonczek's were kind enough to say don't worry we'll take the doubles but as we moved all our stuff to the other room. Wally realized that Lucy would be away from her mother in another hotel room with The Nesty family. In the end, both families have two children we have one they needed the King bed more than we did so we changed rooms again and took the doubles.
Test - Passed with flying colors
There were other tests that weekend that we passed like acting as the recon group for breakfast and expertly changing locations from the Dennys (not sure it was a Dennys but it was something Denny like) to a diner to avoid the long wait to having a set of books so the kids could entertain themselves as they waited for breakfast and the adults could actually talk about other things. At the end of the trip, we got the above shot and it made me happy to know after all those years of trying to have a baby, I had finally made it into "The Club".

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Fran said...

That was an awesome entry ! You are quite the writer. I am really happy that you enjoyed the weekend - we did too. I hope to keep the trend going with plenty more of these kind of trips. It is a great feeling to see our children interact and become friends. This is how great memories are made. We love you guys ! And...yes officially.... Welcome to the club !! You have earned gold status ! The real test will be next year - Watch out North Carolina - here we come !! xoxo