Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Sorry

Sometimes my hormones get the best of me. Yes, I will admit I can sometimes be a hormonal woman. Am I setting back the woman's movement by saying this? I doubt it but I do have a very good excuse -- I have a condition called endometriosis that causes me to get my periods for very greater lengths of time, more severe and more often. So in essence, I have every right to be a moody bitch. However, last night, my unsuspecting husband got the brunt end of my wrath.
I was in the mood for dessert (so was he) and it was around 9:00 p.m. The Creamery was closed but Bonte was scheduled to be open until 11. He volunteered to make the dessert run. He came back a little grumbly himself because roads were closed off and Bonte was closed (no sweet delicious waffles I had been dreaming of since he stepped out the door). After dreaming of the waffle treat, I was put into a bit of a mood. Next, Wally microwaved my ice cream -- which I HATE -- and served it with oatmeal cookies (which aren't my favorite either). At that point, I was down right pissed and I let him know about it. Don't get me wrong I still ate it but I wasn't very happy. Either was Wally after I let him have it.
Today, I would like to say I'm sorry. Yes, it is in black-and-white so Wally you can never say, "you never say your sorry Jennifer." Wally I am sorry for being a bitch last night you didn't deserve it after you got out of your comfy chair and put on shoes to go to a shop that wasn't even open and head to another store while taking a detour and coming home to make the dessert only to have your wife make nasty comments. Savor this moment because I don't admit when I am wrong too often.

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