Thursday, August 14, 2008


A favorite past time of my friend Nadia and mine is the game of "if" (we are to lazy to put the "what" in there so it is just the game of "if"). We often enjoyed this game when we both weren't work-a-holics and working mothers but this weekend we were able to enjoy a stress free two days just between friends...not a care in the world.

While sitting on the beach on Saturday afternoon, Nadia said let's play one of our favorite games, "if"! I'd almost forgotten about "if". Jennifer gave us a bit of a quizzical look but once we got rolling I think it became her new favorite game as well. Following is just a sampling of some of the questions and answers from that beautiful afternoon:

If you were given $10,000 and you had to spend it on yourself (no gifts for the kids or boyfriend/husband and mom and dads) what would you get?
Nadia's response - A Birkin or Kelly Bag or both -- basically some sort of fab Hermes bag (I have no doubt one day she will have her coveted bag). She also mentioned a big diamond wedding band but I told her for 10k it might be disappointing
Jennifer's response - She would like to indulge in a little plastic surgery (my lips are sealed as to what type) and remodel her bathroom
My response - It was easy, and personally, I think my answers were the best. I want a classic Chanel suit and a Cartier tank watch. I hope to one day have one or both.

If you had to give a name to your next baby or first baby right this minute, what would it be?
Nadia's response - Liam and Hope
Jennifer's response - Elise (spelling?) after her Grandmother. If she had a boy, we would have taken the child away from her because she couldn't decide on a name -- we warned her time was running out.
My response - Nathaniel Rosol for a boy (Rosol is my mother's maiden name) and I said Natalie Ann but switched to Abagail (I almost had my baby girl taken away from me too).

If you could change one body part what would it be?
Nadia's response - butt
Jennifer and I - boobs
We all gave a few others but these were our top priorities.

There were many other questions that were asked that day but I chose to give everyone a little taste and not reveal all of our secrets. Some "ifs" should remain just between us girls...

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