Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An annual rite of passage

(To all faithful Kamienski Blog readers, this posting is brought to you by Wally)
Now that I have successfully scared the great majority of you away from this site and possibly off of the internet althogether, I would like to share some information that may and should possibly be kept confidential so I ask that you sign the non-disclosure agreement attached directly below. Anyway, all poorly designed joking references to legal documents aside, and onto the story at hand.

Every year for the past 10 years or so and without fail, Jenn and I have each taken turns waking up on a work day and asking the other "Want to play hookey today?" While invariably the first response will usually be "I'd love to", usually that is followed with "if I didn't have a meeting today" or "if I didn't have to deal with this _____". Fill in the name of a project or some individual or group of individuals that shall be known as "clusterbomb" or something like that.

Well, a few weeks ago, Jenn was the one waking up looking to play hookey. This time, it was decided a little differently. Having a somewhat busy workday planned, I initially relucted because some stuff couldn't wait. Then, in the shower, it came to me. Or actually it didn't. When I went to load the shaving cream in my hand to shave (I do on Mondays and Thursdays only, a story for another day) nothing came out. It was empty. As I was thinking how I was going to shave without my trusty Edge Gel, it came to. F shaving. I'm playing hookey!

Since it was a Thursday and Jenn technically does not work on Thursdays, both of us didnt have to come up with a fake cough, only I did. Once placed with just the right amount fake scratchy throat on my bosses voicemail, we were off to Point Pleasant Beach.

We packed up Ben's necessities (half a car full of toys, food, change of clothes, towels, etc.) and were there in no time. Once parked across from Jenkinson's, I changed into my bathing suit in the front seat of our car, Jenn loaded Ben up with the SPF 50 and we hit the beach. It's official.

The snob that I try to be, it was quickly noted to Jenn that the beach itself (and the crowd at the beach) differs greatly from that which I am accostomed at LBI. No wavy white sand and no Ward and June with 2.3 kids. Instead, pleanty of fake Gucci shades, tramp stamps and wife beaters. Put simply, the crowd at the Point is about as sketchy as a police composite of an armed suspect seen leaving a Denny's.

Jokes about the crowd aside, Ben, Jenn and I had a blast during our "day off". I recommend to anyone reading this to take a day one of these days and just get out and do something. Whethere its all day in the ocean, on the boardwalk, on the rides and eating a $6 bucket of french fries with your kid, it will always beat a day at the office.

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The Kamienski Chronicles said...

I love our annual hokey days and I loved your post! I'm glad Benjamin is now a part of those days too -- he makes me want to play hokey everyday.