Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is 911. Is there an emergency?

While I was not present for the events that are about to be described, I can attest to the fact that this is a true story.

Benjamin's latest obsession is the phone. If we even attempt to use our cell phones, especially Wally's, Benjamin will yell until we surrender our phones to him (I'm sure there is a parenting lesson in there about how we shouldn't give our child everything he wants but that is not the point of the story at this time). He has dialed countless friends of Wally's and wrong numbers from the backseat of the car. Recently, he started picking up the house phone and dialing numbers. He not only does this in our home. He also pulls this move at my parent's house. On one such occasion, my brother, a law enforcement official, warned my mother that she shouldn't let him play with the phone in fear that he might dial 911 one day. I think we all thought, "that will never happen" until one day it did...

Last Wednesday, Wally caught Benjamin playing with the phone. When he was about to take it from him, he heard someone on the other line. "Hello this is 911. Is there an emergency?" Wally responded, "No, not at all. My one year old dialed 911 by accident. Sorry for the inconvenience." 911, "are you sure there isn't a problem?" Wally, "yes, I am sure. Thank you." Wally laughed to himself and then had a real emergency on his hands -- a poopy filled diaper. As he was changing the diaper, he heard someone in the foyer. Was someone in the house? "This is the Morristown police department someone here called 911." Wally once again chuckled at the absurdity of the situation and said, "I'm glad you are here," which then made the police officer alarmed, "you are glad I'm here?!" Wally then didn't want a nervous officer with a gun in his house said, "I will be right down to explain." After explaining the situation to the cop, she left satisfied with his story and saw that Ben was in capable hands.

First, Wally and I have to give a kudos to the Morristown police department for showing up so quickly after the call was made. The promptness of their response made us feel safe knowing they are out there protecting us. Second, lesson learned. Wally and I need to keep the phone away from Ben (as much as we humanely can) Third, while you can say it was a fluke that Benjamin dialed 911, I am feel good that my son, if I am out cold on the basement floor after falling down the steps (I have this weird thing that I am going to fall down the basement steps one day and no one will be there to save me) he can dial the police to rescue his Mommy.

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