Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Poop Or Not To Poop? That Is The Question...

For quite sometime now Benjamin will let us know when he has to poop or has gone poop. How does he let us know? Well, of course by saying ,"poo, poop." At first, he would say, "poo, poop" just because he liked how it sounded, "poo, poop" "poo, poop". He said it in the sweetest little voice with emphasis on the poo. Next, he said, "poo, poop" when he already had gone. Then recently, he started letting us know before the big event. After we finally caught on that he was letting us know he had to go, Wally and I thought - it is time to give it the ole' college try.
On my day off, I went to Target and bought two potty seats - one for our house and one for Grandma and Grandpa's house. To encourage the use of the potty seat, I bought him a Diego seat thinking the sight of Diego might give him so comfort while trying this great feat. Well, he certainly felt comfortable with the seat. So much so, he started wearing the bowl part on his head. Instead of saying, "poo, poop" he said "hat, hat, hat." Go ahead- try explaining to a one year old that the potty isn't a hat. Okay so maybe he wasn't quite ready for this.
Until...on Benjamin's 17 month birthday, we were playing outside on the deck when he looked at me and said, "ba ba poo poop." I whipped around thinking this is it! I turned him around swiftly and checked the back door. Clear. No poop yet. I then confirmed. "Ben, poo poop?" He nodded. When then both hustled inside knowing the magnitude of the happening (also knowing that this thing could come out anytime). There was excitement in the air. I had to hurry. The toilet seat was on the bathroom counter because of the hat incident. I quickly put the seat on the ground and introduced Ben to the seat. Diego had a huge grin on his face and was ready to go. I then stripped Ben's pants off and next his diaper. The poop was making its way out of the gate. I sat him on the seat before it was too late. Benjamin gave one last push and plop. HE DID IT! Wild cheers all around! Wally heard the commotion and stopped his yard work and came inside. "Did he do it Jenn?" Yes, he certainly did our big boy was on the road to independence and cost savings for the whole family (NO MORE DIAPERS!!!). We were so proud of him that Wally even took a shot of the evidence (I'll spare you the photo -only a select few have seen it). High fives all around! It was such a big accomplishment for our little guy we went out to Toys R Us for a big present or two or three -- whatever he wanted. Benjamin picked out a truck, book and lawnmower for his poop in the potty. We knew this was just the beginning of bigger and better poops in the potty, so we thought.
Well..that was about a week ago and that was the lone poop. He's kind of become tight lipped about the whole situation now. Was it all the cheering? Does he feel to much pressure to perform now? Whatever the reason, we are still proud of our little guy and know in do time another poop in the potty will happen. Until then, Wally, Diego and myself will all just wait.


Kris said...

I'm crying. Just crying. I think the same thing happened at our house! Not with poop - but we wanted to do pee-pee on the big potty, so we got a potty seat...that was used three times in May and now is used as a step stool so that Rosie can "washy de hands." I had these grand visions of having her out of diapers before she was 18 months old...HA. Silly me! I am, however, very impressed that Ben pooped on the potty. Our pediatrician told us that this is a difficult task for many youngsters - since most do not sit down to poop while in their diapers!

The Kamienski Chronicles said...

He did it again the other day but then proceeded to poop in the hallway, on his shoe and then peed on my very expensive sandals!