Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Does John Gogarty Hate Me?

Here is what a, supposed, friend wrote to me right before Thanksgiving...
What are the chances that I will shortly be reading a blog entitled: “A lot to be Thankful For…”

- Looking at ben enjoying stuffing and how much you love stuffing
- Your mom sharing the secret baker recipe for gravy
- Your dad showing walter how to carve the turkey
- How ben loves stuffing and how cute it is that he calls it tuffing!
- Thankful that JB is back from iraq
- Seeing your son with Walter watching football – the two most important men in your life
- And then … I cried.
- Boo boo boo…

Why the anger?

1 comment:

Tim said...

Wow, that was my Thanksgiving blog (except not about the Baker-Kamienskis) Okay, it's a bit of a dad blog Thanksgiving hack posting, but my intention is to capture these moments before my kids become teens and lock themselves in their rooms with iPod ears. Besides, I am thankful for those things.

Ben is a rock star!