Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Story of Benjamin's Tree

Before there was Ben, a majestic old tree stood in the corner of the yard. When Wally and I bought our house almost ten years ago, the tree, while old, still had some life left in it. About four years back, we went away on a weekend road trip, we returned to find an enormous tree limb was laying in the middle of our driveway. Our majestic tree was dying. The same exact scenario happened yet again and the tree stood with one limb, we knew it had to go (and also before it ruined a car or seriously injured a passerby). The tree came down and there was a void in our yard.
Around the same time the tree was dying, Wally and I were struggling to have a baby. The corner of the yard wasn't the only empty place for us at that time. When we finally received the news that we were indeed having a child, we knew how we wanted to commemorate the occasion, we would plant a tree for our first born -- new life for new life.
Just like Benjamin, who was only a small peanut when we brought him home, Ben's tree barely reached the top of the fence now it soars. This fall, we took a picture of Benjamin with his tree and I was in awe of both. Our Benjamin is now a little man becoming a funny, loving soul. While our tree is something that brings us beauty and wonder in our yard -- my how they have grown.

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Jennifer said...

This is by far your best blog entry. It is both touching and beautifully written! I really enjoyed the sentiment and symbolism!

I love this blog because it reminds me of my favorite story, The Giving Tree. Hopefully Ben will love his tree more than the boy in the book.