Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where is Max and Ruby's Mommy?

"Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max, Ruby and her little brother Max"...ahhhh and so the song goes. If you have a child between the ages of 1-4 (yes, I know if you have a one year old they shouldn't be watching any TV but I am realist and TV lover), you will probably know who I mean when I mention the names Max and Ruby. And if not, for a brief synopsis, they are the lovable brother and sister bunnies on Nick's pre-school channel Noggin.

As Max and Ruby played in the background, Wally said that him and his colleague were just talking about the bunny siblings. My first thought was "oh how much my life has changed that my husband is conversing about cartoon rabbits" then my second thought was "is there a special on for the holiday season I don't know about?". It was neither but it was something that has been bugging me as well. His colleague said, "do you notice they never show Max and Ruby's parents?".

Now yes we do often get a visit from Grandma but the key word there is a "visit". Grandma doesn't live with Max and Ruby. In fact, I recall a recent episode were these two crazy kids got on a bus to visit dear ole' Grandma. Who is raising these bunnies? I know they get some parental guidance from Ruby's Bunny Scout Leader but where are the parents I ask you? Neither Mom nor Dad are involved with Bunny Scouts -- is it too much to ask for them to be a den leader? I guess it is since they don't even help poor Ruby bake a cake for Grandma's birthday they leave the girl to bake her own cake while watching out for mischievous Max. Also what is wrong with Louise's (Ruby's best pal) parents that they let her come over all time without any parents in site to watch out for them?

Another question, is Ruby raising her little brother without parents? Are they orphans? It looks so to me. And if that is the case, why hasn't Grandma taken them in? So many questions...why, why, why? Though, I have to take my hat off to Ruby you are doing a fine job of raising your little brother and yourself with little or no help from your parents. Well done Ruby, well done.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm none too pleased to have that theme song in my head now. Grrrr.

Feener said...

i don't give a s)**& where their mom is, i just am glad those 2 exist b/c my girls will sit for them. and now they are into timothy and yoko books by the same author. god help me if they make a show about yoko.

Andrew said...

Oh, this is an easy one. Max & Ruby's mom is in rehab recovering from crack addiction. Ruby's father is upstate in prison, and Max's dad was a trick she turned to score some crank. Max's slow development and inability to learn is a fault of his mother's drug addiction. Ruby, meanwhile, is stealing mom's left-over Valium and chasing it with Max's Ritalin in order to deal with the learning deficient Max. Can't really blame her. Grandma, is not really Grandma. "Grandma" is the social worker sent over to check in on the family. They also don't live in the picturesque world we see. Rather, the live in the ghetto of the inner city, but we see this world through the disillusioned and medicated eyes of Ruby.

Now you know.