Monday, December 15, 2008

Let Me Tell You About My Morning...

It started out as a regular Monday until we heard a knock at the door. Wally and I were getting ready in our dressing room and Benjamin was still fast asleep. We first heard a normal knock. It raised our curiosity who was knocking on our door at 8 am but we thought nothing of it. Then someone started banging very loudly on the door that's when Wally started getting angry and I started getting nervous. I then looked at the window as Wally yelled down, "I'm coming!" What I saw was a cop car and yelled down to tell Wally so. As Wally answered the door, I threw my robe on to find them asking Wally to step outside. The second cop stepped inside the house asking me if there was a problem? I was shocked, what exactly was going on here. I then heard the cop saying to Wally, "you seem agitated." Wally responded, "yes you are practically busting down my door for no reason." I asked my cop what the issue was and he told me someone called in a serious "issue" happening at our house. I know what you are thinking, were Wally and I in a heated fight? No, in fact, we were both in a pretty decent mood that morning and didn't utter an ill word towards each other. Not once was a voice raised this morning. I then asked what the issue was that was reported. Now hold on to your hats. I was told by the cop the dispatcher received a call that there was a woman with a knife harming a child. I looked the cop in the eye and said, "you must have the wrong address." The cop called the dispatcher and dispatcher confirmed the address and story. This is when I heard "murder" and "knife". The cop then asked me if I was "nervous" or "hiding anything" "did my husband hurt me". I told the officer "nothing of the sort had happened here that morning and they better check their source out."
After giving our names, Wally and I were "released". We were then given "the speech" of how they have to consider all calls like this serious, blah, blah, blah.
Now, I was scared. What if there was a murderer in the neighborhood wielding a knife? Wally decided to wait until they checked the situation out with the neighbor that called in the false claim. Turns out we have a senile old woman living next door who claims that she saw a child be harmed in our residence. Good to know we have a crazy lady living next door -- who thinks we are harming children.
If that wasn't enough, Wally went to start the Saab this morning and it wouldn't start. Happy Monday to The Kamienski Family!

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Feener said...

ok, that is scary. on one hand you want the cops to do their job like, b/c god forbid there is a problem that someone is covering up. but the accusation must not feel so good at all.